Imagine yourself gazing at the dark night sky that is spotted with the stars, in land covered with snow. All you can hear is the whistling of the wind, cracking of twigs and sound of darkness. Suddenly you see green aurora from nowhere. The green lights have smudged all over the dark sky. The frozen lake reflects the green tint that the sky bears. Don’t worry, I am not talking about any zombie story or green lantern tales. Lucky ones who have experienced this Aurora Borealis, would surely agree with me.


Aurora Borealis:

Aurora Borealis is, also referred as polar light or the northern light, are often seen in the northern hemisphere. Northern light are one of the reason that attracts the gallivanters to northern hemisphere. One that disappoints most of the rover is that this mesmerizing rarity is totally unpredictable. The northern light is a natural visual display of light that occurs due to the interaction of the particles from the sun with the earth’s atmosphere .This merry dancers are mainly seen in in countries like Iceland, Greenland, northern Norway, Siberia, the Canadian territories and Alaska. This aurora is also seen in the parts of southern hemisphere. The aurora borealis is known as southern light or aurora australis in the southern hemisphere. Since the South Pole is inaccessible, northern light remain more popular. The light is often seen green colour, but there are many reports of other colours also.

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