It was always part of my bucket list to take a random flight from an airport and go on a “real” unplanned trip. So, when I saw my flight was delayed, I did not think twice.

I was at Saint Louis airport waiting for my flight to Detroit when I heard the announcement from the airlines saying “Due to heavy storm, the flight could not land in Saint Louis. It is headed to Kansas City and we do not know when that will come back”. Instead of waiting for my next flight like the others, I thought of giving a shot for cutting down my bucket list .I went up to the podium and asked to book the next flight where ever it takes me. Luckily,it was to Denver .Little I knew what was waiting for me in Denver aka The mile high city  and who knew that this was gonna be the best trip of my life.

My flight had landed at my destination almost around 11.15 PM and with my dying phone , I booked the first hostel that came up in my google search. Luckily, I had enough charge to book an Uber and reached the hostel which turned out to the best hostel that I have ever stayed – Hostel Fish, right at the heart of Denver downtown.

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“Snowflakes are the kisses from heaven” is an often heard quote.Like every person it was our dream to enjoy this special kiss.A trail to North India was a much awaited entry in our bucket list.The best part was we had bunch of travel maniacs who shared the same craziness. We ,a group of nut cases decided to pack our bags to explore the cradle of snow. There was a big chaos while selecting our destination. Auli was our initial suggestion.However considering accessibility and limited leave from work we had, the best choice for the trip was Himachal Pradesh,the valley of Gods and our aim was to travel to Shimla, Kullu and Manali.

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When we are not much planned for a trip and when unexpectedly a bunch of holidays is offered  before us  .It was rather like a treat for us .We were a pack of five.Like every travel maniacs , we went through all type of searching & goggling to find the best destination for our weekends. After many chaos ,we made our bag packs to set for the Green paradise of Kerala-Wayanad.

If you google about tourist spots in Wayanad then there is a bunch of places to visit. Since we had only weekends left for us ,we cut shorted the number of destination in Wayanad and decided to make our trip a foodie cum fun trip.

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Adavi Eco tourism

People who are expecting to explore place having huge skyscrapers topping with helipad, Mc D at each and every corners, fly overs crisscrossing all over, then don’t waste your time exploring Konni. But people who wants to feel the majestic sense of nature and learn man-forest interface then Konni is a right option in South India.

Konni is a small town in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala, that is situated in the bank’s of majestic Achencoil river.

Konni is a place that depicts different vivid images of nature. The central attraction of Konni is the elephant camp and Adavi eco tourism.

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When life gives you an unexpected chances to explore, why not give it a try!!!To explore more won’t be right choice but to explore the best is the right one. This is a glimpses of my various short trails in Mumbai which I experienced along with my colleagues.


Bandra worli sealink

When an unexpected four hours was left for us, my colleagues and I started searching for places near to Chatrapathi Sivaji airport, Mumbai .The only thought in our mind was to kill time. Somehow our eyes got struck at Bandra Worli Sealink which was hardly 10km away from the airport.

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Trivandrum/Thiruvananthapuram, the  capital of God’s own country is much known for its historic importance and rarely addressed as a foodie spot .But,this techie city do hold immense tasty spots  which will drive you crazy .This city serves you with the best foods that starts from zesty pani-puri to the finger-licking steaks.The  evolution of this city from the royal address to the techie city have invited the various taste around the world. Here we are listing out some of the tasty spots in Trivandrum that we felt very toothy…

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Can you just imagine still there exist a bunch of people  who  even don’t know  Earth revolves around Sun.I am not talking about the people  living in Amazon forest.For these mentioned people earth may be piece of land surrounded by water.The amazing factor is  these “isolated human race” are literally Indians even they don’t know that!!North Sentinel Island is that land  where the most isolated human race resides.

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Haven’t you ever dreamt of drifting on the sea!!!! Like everyone else,it was  my dream too. But now it is an experience for me.I fulfilled  this dream on April 15 2016 by a trip to Lakshadweep.

While we were planning for a trip we thought either ice or water should be our next destination.After so many jumbles and tangles  we came  to a conclusion of opting water as our destination .Hence we started to dream about the LAND OF CORALS, Lakshadweep. For shortening our bucket list we choose cruise for our backpack and all our enquiries ended up in a 5 day package offered by SPORTS…..

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