It was always part of my bucket list to take a random flight from an airport and go on a “real” unplanned trip. So, when I saw my flight was delayed, I did not think twice.

I was at Saint Louis airport waiting for my flight to Detroit when I heard the announcement from the airlines saying “Due to heavy storm, the flight could not land in Saint Louis. It is headed to Kansas City and we do not know when that will come back”. Instead of waiting for my next flight like the others, I thought of giving a shot for cutting down my bucket list .I went up to the podium and asked to book the next flight where ever it takes me. Luckily,it was to Denver .Little I knew what was waiting for me in Denver aka The mile high city  and who knew that this was gonna be the best trip of my life.

My flight had landed at my destination almost around 11.15 PM and with my dying phone , I booked the first hostel that came up in my google search. Luckily, I had enough charge to book an Uber and reached the hostel which turned out to the best hostel that I have ever stayed – Hostel Fish, right at the heart of Denver downtown.

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