Can you just imagine still there exist a bunch of people  who  even don’t know  Earth revolves around Sun.I am not talking about the people  living in Amazon forest.For these mentioned people earth may be piece of land surrounded by water.The amazing factor is  these “isolated human race” are literally Indians even they don’t know that!!North Sentinel Island is that land  where the most isolated human race resides.

North Sentinel Island is  part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands(India) in the Bay of Bengal Ocean.This small island is known for a tribal community that has never contacted the outside world.Any attempt to contact these

North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island

people(who are called as Sentinelese)  ended in vague as they are so hostile to external contact and thus the island has been called  the ‘hardest place to visit’ in the world. Sentinelese are believed to  owning  this tiny island for almost 60,000 years. Their language is totally unknown and it doesn’t hold any similarity with other tribes in the Andaman Island.The most interesting fact about these human beings are that they have not yet discovered how to create fire!!Which means, they are still living in Stone age .Their exact population is still unknown; it is believed to be  between 50 and 500.


Spears and arrows are there only reply to any outsiders to the island.It doesn’t matter whether you are friend or enemy, whether you arrive at the island shores on purpose or by accident, Sentinelese are hostile to anybody stepping to their island. Gifts , food and clothing(Sentinelese are still naked) are of no importance for  them. They were even hostile to rescue missions after the tsunami in 2004.For them rescue mission seems to be an intruding . In the aftermath of the disastrous tsunami that had hit the Indian Ocean in December 2004, a group of rescuers reached out to the Sentinelese in an Indian Navy helicopter. They wanted to find and help survivors, although chances were slim. They tried dropping food parcels to the ground, but they were met with hostility. A sole Sentinelese warrior emerged from the dense jungle and shot an arrow at the helicopter.

North Sentinel Island

North Sentinel Island

India has sovereignty over North Sentinel, but Sentinelese even would not know what India is. After several failed attempts to make friendly contact with them since 1964, the Indian government has finally backed away. All visits to the island are banned. The Indian Navy has enforced a 3-mile buffer zone to keep tourists, explorers and others away. Accidental encounters still do occur, and none of them end well.


There are several horror stories of how the Sentinelese have treated their guests. People either return from the island terrified and injured, or they wont return at all. In 1896, an escaped convict from the British prisons of The Andaman’s drifted on to the shores of North Sentinel by accident. A few days later, a search party found his body on a beach, punctured by arrows and with his throat slit.In 1974, a group went there to make a documentary, and the film’s director took an 8-foot arrow in the thigh. A few of the recordings from that visit were included in the larger documentary, “Man in Search of Man”.Unfortunately, the last contact with the islanders in 2006 didn’t go as well. Two fishermen were killed while illegally fishing within the range of the island.

Not much is known about these tribal folk; their language is alien and their habits unknown. Their settlements are hidden in the thick jungle, so we have no clue about how they live. All we know is that the Sentinelese are hunter-gatherers; they do not farm. They live on fruits, fish, wild pigs, lizards and honey.

The Sentinelese are among the last of the isolated communities left in the world who live without any communication with globalized civilization .These people are the representation of the past of  human race.Since they live on a tiny island  with full satisfaction of what they have, they never come across a need to discover anything new .Everything else that is coming to their way is alien or UFO for them so they attack these aliens out of fear.


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