When life gives you an unexpected chances to explore, why not give it a try!!!To explore more won’t be right choice but to explore the best is the right one. This is a glimpses of my various short trails in Mumbai which I experienced along with my colleagues.


Bandra worli sealink

When an unexpected four hours was left for us, my colleagues and I started searching for places near to Chatrapathi Sivaji airport, Mumbai .The only thought in our mind was to kill time. Somehow our eyes got struck at Bandra Worli Sealink which was hardly 10km away from the airport.

We rented a car for two hours from airport and set out for the Mission kill-time, but it turned out to be a mesmerizing journey. On the way, we tasted the famous Indian burger, vadapav. We owe a huge thanks to our driver for suggesting us the vadapav in Samrat shop .From there we had hot spicy cheesy vadapav. This will fill tummy without emptying your pocket. No wonder why vadapav is the mostly consumed food in Mumbai.After gulping our food we continued our rove.

A long distance sight of the sealink surely gave us the credit of right choice. I personally felt that this link is a boon for the people in Mumbai. The travel from Bandra to Worli used to take more than 45 minutes and massive traffic was a cherry on top. Now the time of travelling has turn down to 7-10 minutes.


This spectacle eight lane cable stayed bridge which is officially known as Rajiv Gandhi sea link has become paramount for Mumbai .Personally I would tell the best time to visit here is at dusk hours, when the whole Mumbai is lighted up by the street lights. The best part of Mumbai is that she never sleeps, she is not bothered whether the sun is up or down or right on her face. The late night view of this architectural wonder embellished with light is worth watching. It made me feel proud that my country hold this marvellous architectural wonder.


Google gave me a detailed information about this architectural marvel. This cable stayed tower weighs 50000 African elephants. I was stupefied to hear that if the cable wire used in the construction was kept in length then it could be as the circumference of the earth. That is probably a difficult fact to digest. It was joint venture of many skilled teams across various countries like India, Canada, China, Indonesia etc. The expenditure of this project which started as Rs13 billion then later ballooned to Rs16 billion. The sea link construction started in 2000 and was completed in 2010.


It is for sure that the sea link is an amazing frame for all shutterbugs and one of the most commonly used film shooting spot.


Gateway of India

Right from our childhood Gateway of India is a well heard pride of India. But I just got the chance to visit it recently. My visit to the Gateway of India was not intentional, all thanks to foodie me and my friends. This foodie nature actually helped us for good. Our search for Mughalai food ended up in the Baghdadi hotel in Colaba, which is 6 minutes by walking away from the Gateway of India. The Baghdadi hotel is famous for their roti and Mughalai non veg dishes. We reached Colaba by 8 at night and decided to take a glance at the legendary monument and then fill up our tummy. The famous Taj hotel is situated just in front of the Gate of India.

The iconic Gateway of India was built to commemorate the landing of King George V and Queen Mary at Apollo Bundar, when they visited India in 1911.This monument has witnessed an important moment of independent India, the last British ship to England left from the Gateway.

Later we went to our most awaited destination, Baghdadi hotel. The owner claims that the eatery has been serving food for the past 125years.It is considered as one the oldest restaurants in Mumbai. It is a small restaurant with immense varieties of food. The funny thing that I found was that the popular Baghdadi hotel that was situated in the metropolitan city of India still don’t accept payment by credit cards .Every dishes here is reasonable and more over it is finger-licking. I would personally suggest the epicure to try out this restaurant without any second thought.


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