As kids ,we all used to play  hide and seek.Well that game sure does gives a vivid memory of our childhood.But when  this very same game is played by sea,it really gives us a tough time to digest it. Yes its true,sea also plays hide n seek and this amazing phenomenon takes place right in the land of culture- Orissa.



In Chandipur beach , popularly known as hide-n-seek beach,one can see the beach actually disappearing  and reappearing in front of our eye.This makes it clear that why the beach are not constantly seen on the maps.



The Chandipur beach is a small beach in Balasor District in Orissa. It lies around 200 km from the state capital,Bhubaneswar, of Orissa. The sea in the beach recedes about five kilometer during the ebb tides-the outward movement of tides towards the shore.Due to its unique circumstances, the beach supports good bio-diversity.This hide-n-seek game of the sea makes the sea-horse,turtles and crabs regular visitors of that place.Often seems like even the sea horse and the crabs are also playing hide-n-seek with the shore.


Chandipur beach

Chandipur beach




From Bhubaneswar,one can take the train to Balasore, the closest town at a distance of 10 km, and travel by road,or take the entire journey by road on National Highway 5.


Depending on the tides the water in the sea appears and disappears.This hide-n-seek game of the sea occurs twice a day.The sea disappears about 5-6 km during the low tides and reappears during the high tides.The local here are well aware of the timings of the high tides and low tide and its changing according to Moon cycle.The receding water at low tide gives an excellent opportunity to walk into the sea,ride a bike and even a car.The venturing,exciting path over the seabed attracts a lot of curious visitors to this beach.The sand dunes, rocky coast boost the beauty of the coast.


This beach is also known for its relationship with the Defence Research and Development Organisation’s Integrated Test Range.A number of missiles have been launched from here that includes Akash,Agni,Shaurya and Prithvi ballistic missiles.

The Hide-n-Seek beach is the only place in the world where there is large difference in low and high tides.This makes the place one of the most mysterious place in the world and yet unknown to large number of people.


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